Deborah is a qualified and skilled piano tutor, vocal tutor and music educator trained in Classical Piano at the University of Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium. With over a decade of one-on-one teaching experience, she specialises in both Classical and Contemporary Piano.

Deborah has also previously taught as a Guest Lecturer in Music Education and Pedagogy at the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

As a professional musician with industry experience in live contemporary performance, Deborah has valuable insight into the art of performing to offer her students.


8 Week Intro to Contemporary Keys

Launching in August 2019, Deborah is excited to be bringing something new and different to piano teaching in Adelaide. After years of specialising in one-on-one classical piano tuition, Deborah is now going to be offering a series of short courses in contemporary keys from her brand new teaching studio centrally located in Unley Park, Adelaide. Designed with the busy 2019 learner in mind, Deborah's new focus is going be on aural- and chord-based learning through fun, hands-on creativity in a relaxed group environment. 

There are two things I hear a lot from adults: either how they wished they'd kept up with their playing after years of lessons, or how they have a bucket list goal of being able to play an instrument.