Children's themed African safari animal

Piano Safari

A course for young beginners that encompasses a holistic and creative approach to the piano.



Casual One on One

Improve your contemporary playing or self-accompanying skills with one on one lessons with Deborah.

Lessons can be booked either on a casual pay-as-you-go rate or in monthly packages.




Songwriting for Singers

Online classes in chords, keys and chord progressions. Perfect for the budding songwriter and beginner keyboardist.



Intro to Contemporary Keys

From Rudimental to The Beatles, this aural-based online short course will have you learning to play chord charts in just 8 weeks.



Teaching Philosophy

Exploration + creative expression + progress = happy students

First and foremost my philosophy is joy. Learning should be a joy. Playing should be a joy. Everything else follows.

Audio Equipment

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Whole Body Approach

Demonstrating through hands-on techniques allows students to develop their bodily awareness of the muscles, joints and movements required for playing the piano.

sound before symbol

Aiming to unlock a student's musical creativity and aural awareness with healthy playing technique before introducing written notation.

contemporary specialist

After noticing a gap in the field of contemporary tuition I have developed courses and sought out methodologies that cater specifically to this unique but under-valued style.

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