Piano For Parents


Beginning Feb 2021

8 Week Intro to Contemporary Keys

Level 1 

This is the flagship course in Deborah Brennan Music's stable of short courses. Learn the basics of contemporary keys playing - perfect for singers, beginner accompanists or anyone who wants to play contemporary pop! Designed for busy adults, this course focuses on keyboard navigation, healthy technique, and developing a sense of timing.


You will learn how to build basic triads in root position and first inversion, how to play standard popular chord progressions and how to interpret a basic chord chart.


Beginning Feb 2021

8 Week Intro to Contemporary Keys

Level 2

Following on from the concepts you learned in Level 1, we will build on these and add to your contemporary toolkit. Level 2 concepts include playing in new keys which will help reinforce the relationship between chords we learned about in Level 1. We will also delve into reading lead sheets and learn about second inversion chords. 


You will also get the chance to work on a piece of your own choice, taking all the skills you have learnt along the way and putting them into your own practise!


What is Contemporary Piano?

Contemporary piano is a chord-based approach to learning.


Where traditional, or Classical, piano tuition leans to a melody-first approach, contemporary tuition is a harmony-first approach.

It's all about chords, chord progressions, timing and technique.

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